My Dealing with Allergic Reaction to Cold

No! this is not a runny nose kind of cold. This is an itchy rashes, hives, bumps, an allergic reaction to cold also known as Cold Urticaria. It comes and it goes. When it shows up, it shows up here and there. Sometimes it lasts less than an hour but most of the time, it'll lasts for several hours. 

red skin, itchy red skin, cold allergy
This is a mild case of allergic reaction to cold. But sometimes this is a start, a beginning of a more itchy red bumpy skin.

Family History

Growing up I have witnessed my sister and some of my relatives dealing this this cold allergy. I've never would have thought that I'll be going through the same thing. My mom is also going through with this right now. 

Allergic reaction to cold, red skin, itchy red skin
The very first time I've experienced Cold Urticaria. My skin was so red and itchy.

My First Experience

The first time I experienced cold urticaria was in 2019 and it lasted at least couple weeks. I even went to the ER because of the severity of it. The doctors gave me several medicines but they could not figure out what am I dealing with. 

Check my other post here about the first time experienced. Woke up to itchy rashes/hives

Anyway, it just went away over time. The last night I had them, it was a lot. A lot of itchy hives/bumps on my arms but when I woke the next day, it was all gone, just like that, it looks like it never happened. 

Skin pattern cause by allergic reaction to cold

Itchy pattern, Red pattern, allergic reaction to cold

itchy red bumps, skin redness, allergic to cold

skin pattern of allergic to cold. Itchy red skin

Skin Pattern, itchy red skin, allergic reaction to cold

My Second Experienced 

The second time I deal with cold allergy or Cold Urticaria was when  I had Valley Fever. It was the first thing that shows up and it lasted about 3 days. When it was happening I didn't know what it was then since I was also dealing with fever, body aches, congested, etc. But later on I found out, it was Cold Urticaria.

Itchy red bumps

Itchy bumps, skin redness, allergic reaction to cold

Itchy bumps, skin redness, allergic reaction to cold

What now?

Now,  I'm dealing with it since December of 2022. It has been on and off but this month of February, I've been having it almost everyday. I don't know why but I think it's the cold, dump and humid conditions here in Washington State is what triggering it. I will be making an appointment to see a doctor soon, real soon,  and maybe do an allergy test as well..

Itchy bumps, skin redness, allergic reaction to cold
This was the night I went to bed the the picture below was the morning when I woke up. 
Clear skin just like nothing happened to it.

Clear skin the following day just like nothing had happened

What is Cold Urticaria?

Cold Urticaria is a medical condition that causes people to have an allergic reaction to cold temperatures. It is also known as cold-induced hives or an ice allergy. People with this condition experience symptoms such as itchy red bumps on their skin, swelling of the face and lips, and difficulty breathing when exposed to cold temperatures. 

The severity of the symptoms can vary from person to person, but they can be very uncomfortable and even life-threatening in some cases. In some cases, it can even lead to anaphylaxis or difficulty breathing. Treatment options include avoiding triggers such as cold temperatures or taking medications such as antihistamines or corticosteroids. 


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