Chena Hot Spring Resort on my recent visit

Chena Hot Spring Resort is about 60 miles away from town or about a 75 minute drive from the city of Fairbanks. Roads are okay to drive but it depends on what time of the year you go out there. Of course, if it’s winter, there will be snow and ice on the roads. But just drive slowly, enjoy the scenery, and maybe get to see some wild animals too. It’s a good road to drive on.

I don’t go there often because for me the resort is a little bit pricey. The last time I was there was three weeks ago, I went there with my family and friends. We went and spent time in the outdoor rock pool. It was so relaxing being in the natural hot spring water. It was believed that the hot springs water is a healing water. I would not know the difference since I only go there once in a blue moon. 

The outdoor rock pool is for 18 years and older only. Since my son is too young to be in the rock pool with us, he had a great time with Frank (his friend) also meeting new friends. They played in the indoor pool, in two indoor hot tubs, as well as the outdoor hot tub.  The indoor pool is only 4.5 ft. deep, which they enjoyed very much.

Chena Hot Spring Resort is one of the known tourist spots in Fairbanks, Alaska. The resort is most popular during winter season. Tourist from all over the world come here to see the northern lights, relax in natural hot spring, and experience several activities that the resort has to offer.

Here are some activities they offer during Winter: Have a drink at the ice bar (Ice Museum), Fly north over the White Mountains and the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge (Flight Tour), Ice Fishing, Dog Sled rides (Kennel Tour), Snow Machine rides (Snow machine Tour), Aurora viewing tour, Sunset Snow Coach Tour, cross-country skis, snowshoes or ice skates. Geothermal Renewable Energy Tour.

Also for their summer fun activities: Dog Cart Rides, Kennel Tour, Guided ATV Tours, Horseback Tours, Bike Rentals, Hiking, Flight Sightseeing, and Geothermal Renewable Energy Tour.
To stay in the resort they have a big lodge, few cabins, campground, and yurts. 

I have never been to any of the tours they offered nor stayed overnight in Chena Hot Spring Resort. I only go there for the hot spring. I’ve eaten at their restaurant once, and that’s it! What can I say?
Outdoor Hot Tub. Alan was having a great time.
The entrance to outdoor rock pool
Two indoor hot tub and the Indoor pool is only 4.5 ft deep.
The Pool House
Lots of space to leave shoes at the entrance
The Entrance to the pool. If you stay overnight, the day pass to the pool is free otherwise you'll pay $15 for adult, Senior $13, Child 6-17 $12, Child 5 and under is free. You can also purchase a punch card 10 punch for $100. Towel is $5. Locker is .50 cents or two quarters.Note: you can't use your own padlock for the locker. If you forget to bring swimwear, they have it there for sale as well.
One of the Massage cabins they have
One the cabins you can stay in
The Yurt

Facility Rules

I had to get up and get out of the pool several times because I felt overheated. I had to kept drinking water.
Alan was tired but had a great time

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  1. Hello! Looks great! Lovely pics! I've been in a hot spring in a cold rain, and it is an amazing sensation; one of your pics reminded me of that experience.

    1. Thanks Melanie, yes it was a great experience especially when it's really cold, your hairs will freeze. I'm sure I have some pictures but I didn't have time to find it.

  2. This sounds fantastic! I had never heard of this resort before.

    1. If you want to see northern lights and dip in the hot spring, then come visit Chena Hot Spring Resort.


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