Yukon River Trips with My Dogs in Canada and USA

The longest and largest river that runs through Alaska from British Columbia, Canada. The river is approximately 1900 miles long and it ends in the Bering sea . It brings a lot of salmon during fishing season in Alaska. Yukon means "Great River" in Gwich'in.

Yukon River in Yukon Territory, Canada. A 606 miles away from home in Fairbanks, Alaska

It was a long trip and both my dogs, Abby and Farky had to swim in Yukon river.

I think what's behind me is some kind of damn, I'm not sure. Just below the bridge. 

The Yukon River Bridge in Alaska approximately 137 miles from my home in Fairbanks.

Yukon River Bridge in Dalton Highway Alaska. The color of the river is way different from where it starts. But yes, this is a mighty river!

Trips with my dogs, Abby and Farky. All I have left of them are memories. 

Bridge up in Delta highway in Alaska, USA and the bridge in Alaska highway in Canada

137 miles from home in Fairbanks to the Yukon River bridge in Delta Highway.

One more but please continue to join me on my journey