RV Tire Blowout on I5 while traveling through Oregon

We were on I5 in Oregon when we heard a big pop sound. We exited the highway and turned into Love's gas station. It was early evening but most of the tire service shop in the area are about to closed or were already closed.

The mechanic at Love's Gas Station said he could have changed the tire that blowout but he didn't have the right size for it. He however helped us parked at their parking lot so we can stay overnight.

Overnight parking at Love's Gas Station Parking Lot
Love's Gas Station where we parked overnight.

At 7:30am the next day we drove and parked at the Industrial Tire Shop before they opened. We were their first customer. They serviced us before they even open for business. We decided to have all 4 tires in the back changed.

Industrial Tire Service
Industrial Tire Service - we received a great customer service from them.

Industrial Tire Service changed our tires
This is the tire that blowout

Employee of Industrial Tires changing our RV Tires

Look of the tire that blowout
Those tires were hard to pop out

Industrial Tire Service workers working hard and fast
They worked hard and fast. They got it done and we're our of there in just one hour. 

View from the RV in the parking lot of Love's Gas Station
Parking lot for big trucks. View from our rear window.

View of Love's Gas Station from the Road
Where we spent the night

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