Don't get too comfortable in your relationship

A year ago today, my husband and I were in Thailand celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. Now for our 21st, we are in the winter wonderland, Fairbanks, Alaska.

With so many great things that happened to us this year, there were also many challenges, trials, and heartaches that we've encountered. Being together for many years, I can say it's not hard to be comfortable. In fact, we've gotten too comfortable that we ended up taking each other for granted.

For being too comfortable we've almost lost each other and almost broke our marriage.  It shock our world, made us examined our marriage, and we ended up rewriting our relationship contract. We had to make a lot of changes and still working in progress. But with our willingness to work on it, I'm sure we can make our relationship work and get through any obstacles that comes our way.

Here's my little note to whoever read this, please be careful and not get too comfortable. No matter how long you have each other or even if  you're just starting a relationship, just don't get too comfortable. Keep the grass watered. Never stop pursuing each other.  Keep the love alive!

The Library Bar and Bites - New restaurant in town, we had to try it. It is a nice place but not for me. 

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