Family Ice Fishing at Tanana Lakes

Alaska Department of Fish and Game hosted a family ice fishing event at Tanana Lakes Recreation area last Saturday November 30, 2019. I went there with my husband and son to take pictures of the event but ended up having a great time ice fishing. The weather cooperated as well, it was warm around 22°F.

When Alan was about 4 years old, we took him with us ice fishing at Chena Lakes. He was too young to remember. So, this time was really his first to ice fish. He didn't catch any fish since he got bored waiting and he spent more time playing and making lots of noise. He did have a great time until it was time to go home. He didn't want to leave because he said he didn't catch any fish yet. We spent at least 2 hours there. I caught two fish and my hubby caught one.

We were grateful for the the Alaska Department of Fish & Game crew for drilling holes, providing fishing equipment and baits, and helping family's had a great time ice fishing.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Tanana Lakes Recreation Area, South Cushman Fairbanks, Alaska

Kids were having a great time

For more information about sport fishing, please click the link below.


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