Checking Out Devils Golf Course

"Only the Devil could play golf"

This was our second stop on our journey to Death Valley National Park California. Devils Golf Course is about half a mile from the main road on a gravel road but most vehicle shouldn't have any problems driving there. There's not much to do there but definitely worth checking out. It really is interesting to see and absolutely unique salt crystal formations and it goes for miles in the middle of the valley of Death Valley National Park.

We visited in January and great timing for visiting the place. It was sunny but breezy. Really cool weather and we were the only ones there exploring the area until we were about to leave, two cars came in. It was a great time to visit Death Valley. Please check our video below...way way down below to see more of the Devils Golf Course. Also check the other places we've explored while we were in the Death Valley National Park California. 5.Artist Drive and Artist's Palette 4. Natural Bridge 3. Badwater Basin/Salt Flat  2. Devils Golf Course 1. Zabriskie Point

Road to Devils Golf Course
Dusty and gravel road to the Devils Golf Course

Red Avalanche at Devils Golf Course
Devils Golf Course parking lot
Just get out of the vehicle and no need to hike unless you want to but it's pretty difficult to walk on.

Salt crystal at Devils Golf Course
Salt Slab or salt crystal formation 

Field of salt slabs or Salt Crystals

view of Devils Golf Course
Yes indeed "Only the Devil could play golf" in here. 

Information at Devils Golf Course
Devils Golf Course
Crystallized salts compose the jagged formations of this forbidding landscape. Deposited by ancient salt lakes and shaped by winds and rain, the crystals are forever changing.
Listen carefully. On a warm day you may hear a metallic cracking sound as the salt pinnacles expand and contract. 

The Death Valley saltpan is one of the largest protected saltpans in North America. Salt continues to be deposited by recurring floods that occasionally submerge the lowest parts of the valley floor.

Delicate salt formations (right) are hidden among the harsh and rigid spires. Close inspection may reveal the tiny salt structures. Take care-one curious touch can cause them to crumble.

Be careful! Walking on the Devils Golf Course is very difficult. A fall could result in painful cuts or even broken bones.

(from Death Valley National Park California plaque)

Field of salt crystal
It is pretty hard to walk on and dangerous. Rough texture and extremely sharp. You could get hurt badly if you fall.

Field of Salt Crystals and view of Devils Golf Course
  A very unique landscape, it's like being in another world.

Here is a short video of us exploring the Devils Golf Course in Death Valley National Park California


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