Beautiful one way loop on the scenic Artist Drive to Artist's Palette

Beautiful 9 mile scenic loop drive on a nice one way road with wonderful colors on the hillside - it's the  Artist Drive in Death Valley National Park. Nice paved road but it does get narrower and twisty on some parts hence vehicle over 25 feet is prohibited on this road. There are few pull outs but the Artists Palette is located about 5 miles from the start of the Artist Drive. This drive is one of the most scenic and amazing drive in Death Valley National Park. 

This was our 5th stop on our journey to Death Valley National Park.  4. Natural Bridge 3. Badwater Basin/Salt Flat  2. Devils Golf Course 1. Zabriskie Point

Please watch our video down below...way way down below.

Road to Artist's Palette
Beautiful drive on Artist Drive

one way loop road
The start of Artist Drive - One way 9 mile scenic Loop

First pullout on Artist Drive
The First pullout - short little hike to the top of the hill

I did a short hike from the first pullout. I do not recommend it if you're running out of time but it is a nice short walk up there. The views are amazing!

nice pave road on Artist Drive
Nice pave road on Artist Drive

Scenic view of Artist Drive
More of the nice artist drive road

Scenic view of Artist Drive going to Artist's Palette
It was a great time driving on Artist Drive. Blue sky and some clouds, it was not hot at all. 

View of Artist's Palette
View towards the amazing Artist's Palette

Colorful view of Artist's Palette
View of the Artist's Palette from the road 

Colorful hillside
The Artist's Palette

Walking trail towards the colorful Artist's Palette
Walking trail towards the colorful hillside

White Lady and the colorful Artist's Palette
The white lady or lady in white at Artist's Palette

Walking on Artist's Palette
Me walking and exploring the Artist's Palette. It was great experience walking on different colored ground 

8 year old boy at Artist's Palette
Alan posed for a picture but he didn't go for a walk because it was windy and a bit chilly.

View to the East from Artist's Palette
View to the East 

View to Northeast of Artist's Pallete
Northeast view on Artist's Palette 

View of West from Artist's Palette
West side view

View of South and the Parking Lot
South View (view of the parking lot)

A Palette of Color

More than five million years ago, repeated volcanic eruptions blanketed the landscape, depositing ash and minerals. The volcanic minerals were chemically altered by heat and water, with variable amounts of oxygen and other introduced elements. Chemical analyses have identified a paint pot of elements: iron, aluminum, magnesium, and titanium, but no copper. Some of the colored minerals here include red hematite and green chlorite. This is truly a natural artist's palette of color splashed across the slope. The time of day, clouds, and the rare rainfall shift the intensity of the colors, making each visit slightly different. 

Beautiful View of Artist's Palette

Please click below to watch our drive on Artist drive to Artist's Palette




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