New Years Eve Company

It was wonderful having them over in our home at New Years Eve. From Left: Jamie, Ruffa, Joel, of course Me, Valerie and Bruce.  Bruce is Joel's brother and Valerie is Bruce's wife. Jamie and my Aunt Ruffa are currently dating.

Avatar 3D

Avatar 3D - A must see movie but see it with 3D worth every penny. It got all my attention for 2hrs and 40 min. Joel and I went to the  theater 20 minutes early, before the show started, and the theater was full already. I'm glad we found sets where we're not separated.

Waiting Company

Once again, we were waiting for Joel at the Airport on New Years Eve; we were there last year too on new years eve. Anyway, Joel was gone for few days, he left on Christmas day to check his mother's place in Washington.It's funny how Farcom had gotten so big since then. 2009 2008 2008    2009

Fairbanks International Airport

At the Airport on New Years Eve.    

New Years Lucky Food

There's nothing wrong in believing. I prepared these food not because I believe on what it signifies but I did it for fun. I enjoyed preparing them because it's New Year and especially some of them I haven't tried before.  I've cooked 4 recipes for 3 hrs. I got home at 6pm and start cooking and also cleaning the house then went to the airport to pick up my hubby at 9pm. We started eating about 11pm and drunk our Pomegranate Margaritas right at midnight. Grapes - swallow or eat 12 grapes just when the clock turns to midnight - Each grape you eat is for each month of the year. If the number 5 grapes that you eat is sour, it means that you will have a hard time on May.. I made Jeweled Grape Terrine and it turned out very good. It has white wine   in it. Pork -  Signifies progress and future prosperity. I made Garlic Pork with Root Vegetables - it was good but it's not my favorite. The root vegetables tasted good. Fish -  Swim in school and they keep moving for

My Abby

Poor Abby, she's getting old and cranky at times.. She hasn't run for quite awhile now because it's just too cold out there.. The last couple times we took her out running, she didn't last long, she wanted to be back in the car soon.. oh she's a good girl.. She still don't like Farcom much though. I can't blame her. Farcom is a Jack Russell Terror.

New Years Food Preparations

I went to the store tonight and bought some stuff  that I needed for the New Years Celebration. There are few recipes on my list that I've never tried making before and there are few ingredients that I didn't know about. Before you continue reading, if you don't know me yet,  I just want to let you know that I don't cook and I'm not a drinker. I can't believe that it was such a chore going through the liquor store and finding the ones I needed. Employees were too busy and I can't get someone to help me. I am not a drinker, although I've started drinking a glass of wine after my dinner every night, just for health reasons, but I don't know anything other than the ones I've tasted. I was looking for gold tequila and triple sec for my pomegranate tequila recipe , and late harvest Riesling for jeweled grapes terrine. I have spent lots and lots of time reading through alcohol bottles just to find the ones I need.Oh boy! it was like reading ABC'

My Avalanche

Normally my husband drives me to work whenever he's home, not working, and I love it... especially when it's cold outside. Well, it was Friday the 18th of December, he asked me if I want him to drive me to work and I said no thank you I can drive my self to work. It was the first time, ever, that I said NO, but he insisted anyway. After few minutes of negotiation, I finally said Ok.. After he dropped me off, I told him to drive safe and please take care of my baby avalanche...well, not even an hour past, he called me and told me he got in an accident. He slid in to an intersection and hit other car.. Gladly, he didn't get hurt nor the driver in the other car. Anyway, the shop couldn't fix my truck until the 11th of January, because they are so booked-up, they said there are so many accidents that had happened, and of course shipping stuff from lower 48 to here takes time, lots and lots of time.. Oh well, I have no choice than to wait. The estimate for fixing my truck i



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