New Years Lucky Food

There's nothing wrong in believing. I prepared these food not because I believe on what it signifies but I did it for fun. I enjoyed preparing them because it's New Year and especially some of them I haven't tried before.  I've cooked 4 recipes for 3 hrs. I got home at 6pm and start cooking and also cleaning the house then went to the airport to pick up my hubby at 9pm. We started eating about 11pm and drunk our Pomegranate Margaritas right at midnight.

Grapes - swallow or eat 12 grapes just when the clock turns to midnight - Each grape you eat is for each month of the year. If the number 5 grapes that you eat is sour, it means that you will have a hard time on May..
I made Jeweled Grape Terrine and it turned out very good. It has white wine  in it.

Pork -  Signifies progress and future prosperity.
I made Garlic Pork with Root Vegetables - it was good but it's not my favorite. The root vegetables tasted good.

Fish -  Swim in school and they keep moving forward. It means abundance for the new year.
I made Salmon with vodka cream sauce.  Boy oh boy! it taste good.

Greens - money is what they say.
I have spinach on the salmon recipe.

I have also made Pomegranate Margaritas - for abundance and fertility - I didn't get drunk but I won't be making it again, the amount of tequila  it requires for the recipe is too much, too strong.

What not to eat on New Years Day? something with wings, like chicken. I made chicken adobo anyway just because I feel I like it. It taste good, at least that's what everyone says.


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