New Years Food Preparations

I went to the store tonight and bought some stuff  that I needed for the New Years Celebration. There are few recipes on my list that I've never tried making before and there are few ingredients that I didn't know about. Before you continue reading, if you don't know me yet,  I just want to let you know that I don't cook and I'm not a drinker.
I can't believe that it was such a chore going through the liquor store and finding the ones I needed. Employees were too busy and I can't get someone to help me. I am not a drinker, although I've started drinking a glass of wine after my dinner every night, just for health reasons, but I don't know anything other than the ones I've tasted. I was looking for gold tequila and triple sec for my pomegranate tequila recipe , and late harvest Riesling for jeweled grapes terrine. I have spent lots and lots of time reading through alcohol bottles just to find the ones I need.Oh boy! it was like reading ABC's at the first time.

So moving on, I'm going to cook Garlic Roast Pork with Root Vegetables. Here are the ingredients I haven't tried before: Fennel Bulb, Rutabaga and Parsnips. Well, I've seen it at the store all the time but I don't have any idea what those are for and what are their names.. Finding the Rutabaga and parsnips was easy because they're close to each but the fennel bulb I had to asked someones help finding it because I had no idea what it looks like.I'm so glad someone there wasn't too busy to help.
Well, I will be cooking tomorrow night and it will be an adventure. Standby for more posting about the New Years Celebration food preparation and find out why I've chosen the recipes and what it means.


  1. It is amazing how much we can consume over this festive time. Happy New Year Lorena.

  2. In the South, it is tradition to have black eyed peas and cabbage for New Year's Day. The peas are supposed to bring good luck and the cabbage-well is brings cabbage (money). I LOVE to cook and experiment with cooking. The more you do it, the more confident and the more you will like it.


  3. Happy New Year to you Lorena and your husband Joel.
    Thank you for being an online friend and I wish you the best for 2010 and beyond!


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