My Avalanche

Normally my husband drives me to work whenever he's home, not working, and I love it... especially when it's cold outside. Well, it was Friday the 18th of December, he asked me if I want him to drive me to work and I said no thank you I can drive my self to work. It was the first time, ever, that I said NO, but he insisted anyway. After few minutes of negotiation, I finally said Ok.. After he dropped me off, I told him to drive safe and please take care of my baby avalanche...well, not even an hour past, he called me and told me he got in an accident. He slid in to an intersection and hit other car.. Gladly, he didn't get hurt nor the driver in the other car.Anyway, the shop couldn't fix my truck until the 11th of January, because they are so booked-up, they said there are so many accidents that had happened, and of course shipping stuff from lower 48 to here takes time, lots and lots of time.. Oh well, I have no choice than to wait. The estimate for fixing my truck is about $9k and the other car about $4k. I'm so glad we have insurance.




  1. I would be far to scared to drive on those icy roads...glad nobody got hurt.


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