Mighty Yukon River trips Wonderful Adventures with My two Dogs

We have visited Yukon River twice in Yukon Territory where the river starts its journey in Canada through Alaska.  We also crossed the Yukon River Bridge on Dalton highway. The only bridge in Alaska that crosses the mighty Yukon river.  We had an amazing trips with my  two dogs. The mighty Yukon River The longest and largest river that runs through Alaska from Yukon Territory, Canada. The river is approximately 1900 miles long and it ends in the Bering sea. The river brings a lot of salmon during fishing season in Alaska.  Yukon means "Great River" in Gwich'in. Yukon River in Yukon Territory, Canada. A 606 miles away from home in Fairbanks, Alaska My two dogs Abby  Farky Both Abby and Farky are now gone and all I have left of them was memories. Our wonderful Adventures together. They both love water. If I let them, they'll spend hours playing and swimming in the water.  It was a long trip and both my dogs, Abby and Farky, had to swim in Yukon River at Yukon Territory,

Amazing Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights are seen right at my house

One of the privileges of living in Fairbanks Alaska is the enjoyment of watching  the northern light shows during the long winter season. Most of the time, I don't even have to leave my home. Even though I live right in town with lights pollution I still can see the northern lights dancing in the sky right above my house. Yep! Aurora Borealis Dancing in the sky right above my house What is Aurora Borealis? Aurora Borealis also known as Northern Lights are the lights that happened when the particles released from the sun and strike the earth atmosphere also known as  geomagnetic storm . It's an incredible light show with many colors but green is the most common. Picture was taken different year with Northern Lights dancing in the sky right above my house I was getting ready for bed when I checked the window for one last time and this is what I saw. Amazing Northern lights dancing in the sky above my neighbors house Sometimes my family and I will go out for a drive far away fro

Driving Through Denali Highway - Mostly gravel is it worth the drive?

On our way back from our fishing trip to Chitina, our friends invited us to make a detour. A long detour! I never been to this road before so I didn't know what to expect but I was excited.  Our drive through Denali highway started from Paxson Junction on Richardson highway to Cantwell then back home to Fairbanks.  How far was the detour? From Paxson Junction (Denali highway) to Cantwell is about 135 miles. Then Cantwell to Fairbanks is 152 miles. The detour going back to Fairbanks using Denali highway was about 287 miles. However, if we didn't take that road,  Paxson Junction to Fairbanks is only 175 miles.    Was the drive through Denali highway worth it? Oh yes! The road is long, remote, and mostly gravel  but it was memorable and fantastic drive. Awesome views of mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, glaciers, and valleys. However, the only wildlife we saw was HUMANS. Overnight Camping at Tangle Lakes Campground We spent a night at  Tangle Lakes campground , milepost 21.5 about

Our Trip to Blueberries and Flowers U-Pick Farm

Once again it's that time of the year, blueberries and raspberries u-pick time here in the Pacific Northwest.  And to say not the least, u-pick flowers. Blueberries are big and they taste so good! One of the things I love being here in the Pacific Northwest is going to farms picking berries and flowers. It's such a wonderful feelings and the experience is priceless, I love it! It was Friday afternoon, a cooler day, we thought it was a great time to go pick blueberries and flowers. Didn't want to wait for the weekend where the u-pick farms get too busy with people picking. It was easy and quick pick. We got a total of five and a half pounds of blueberries and 20 steams of flowers.  My 8 year old son says "I like it very much" it was priceless hearing that from him. Watch our short video of our trip to blueberries and flowers u-pick farm Where did we go? Boxx Berry Farm - A family owned farm located on  6211 Northwest Drive, Ferndale, Washington. They are convenient

How Did I Get Valley Fever?

This is a continuation from my posts, a journey to finding out what's going on with my health.  What Sickness Do I have? Enlarge Lymph Nodes and Abdominal Abnormality Biopsy on Enlarge Lymph Nodes at the Base of My Neck St. Joseph Hospital How did I get Coccidiodomycosis also known as Valley Fever? After almost 3 months of being sick, and several test done, I finally got a diagnosis to one of my active problems - three more to go . Disseminated Coccidioidomycosis also known as Valley Fever.  Ok, so how, when, and where did I get Valley fever? a fungal infection? And what is Valley fever? On July 7th, I admitted myself to the Emergency Room at St. Joseph Hospital here in Bellingham, Washington per my doctor's order. I've met with the CDC Infectious Disease Doctor and went over a result from my lymph node biopsy. First question he asked was "are you from California or Arizona?" I am not but I've been there recently. He said that with the biopsy, they found D



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