Our Trip to Blueberries and Flowers U-Pick Farm

Once again it's that time of the year, blueberries and raspberries u-pick time here in the Pacific Northwest.  And to say not the least, u-pick flowers.

Big blueberries at Boxx Berry U-pick Farm
Blueberries are big and they taste so good!

One of the things I love being here in the Pacific Northwest is going to farms picking berries and flowers. It's such a wonderful feelings and the experience is priceless, I love it!

It was Friday afternoon, a cooler day, we thought it was a great time to go pick blueberries and flowers. Didn't want to wait for the weekend where the u-pick farms get too busy with people picking. It was easy and quick pick. We got a total of five and a half pounds of blueberries and 20 steams of flowers. 
My 8 year old son says "I like it very much" it was priceless hearing that from him.

Watch our short video of our trip to blueberries and flowers u-pick farm

Where did we go?

Boxx Berry Farm - A family owned farm located on 6211 Northwest Drive, Ferndale, Washington. They are conveniently located right off Northwest Drive. They have clear signs going to the field where you can go u-pick. And speed limit is 5 mph.

Ripe big blueberries
Bunch of ripe and big blueberries

lots of green or not ripe blueberries
Still have lots of greens not ripe blueberries. Yay! more trip to the farm later.

Why do we love coming here?

Last year was our first time to this place. We love it because their blueberries are big and taste so good. Strawberries were delicious as well (strawberry season are over now) I haven't tried their raspberry yet since I'm not that pond of raspberry, I might pick some someday. 

I also love their u-pick flowers, especially their dahlias. They have many varieties of dahlias, the patterns, the colors, different sizes, they all so wonderfully amazing!

The girls in the booth are friendly, always get a good customer service from them.

Blueberry field and the U-pick booth
Alan's walking towards U-Pick booth. 

Field of beautiful dahlias
Field of different varieties of dahlias

How much does it cost to u-pick?

Picking your own berries and choosing your own flowers? Priceless! 


  • Blueberry $3 per pound
  • Raspberry $ 3 per pound


  • All stems up to 12" are $1.50 each or 20/$20
  • Specialty Flowers are $2.50
    • Includes dinner plate dahlias and all sunflowers. 
    • Specialty flowers are marked with pink flags tied to each flower stake

dahlias and sunflowers in a bucket
Bucket of flowers we picked

A weird shape sunflower
Weird but interesting shape of sunflower -- so beautiful!

What are Boxx Berry Farm rules for Flowers U-Pick?

  • Customers are responsible for counting all cut stems prior to purchase
  • Flowers surrounded by "Caution" tape are not for sale; please do not cut these
  • Clippers and buckets are to be returned after use

Our pick for today!

About an hour and a half of fun picking blueberries and flowers here's what we got for today.

Our pick for today lots of blueberries and flowers
Here's our pick for today
5.5 lbs of blueberries and 20 stems of beautiful flowers

Blueberries on top of ice cream and flowers to enjoy
Vanilla ice cream and blueberries

Please check our other trip (this year) to Boxx U-pick farm for Strawberries 




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