Apr 5, 2009

Best Friends

It's not because we have something in common (I think we don't have any) but it's how we accept our differences. These are the pictures of me and my friends that I would like to share with everyone. 
Marissa, Tess, Ruffa and Me. This is our last picture together, well,  until we meet again. Tess and her family moved to Kentucky. Hopefully, she'll come visit us this summer.
at the the Blue Loon
Bridal Shower for the friend of ours. We went on a limo ride for several hours and did bar hopping with the bride and some others.
This one was in Valdez and with our little sister Haidee. Valdez is like 350 miles away from here. We went there for a day trip, I showed them where Joel and I used to live and work. 
Fil-Am Valentines Party. 
 at the Birthday Party 
Midnight snack. It was kind of scary at that time because several police were over there arresting someone inside the restaurant. 
We went visit one of our friend (Yolanda)
Mothers Day on  Salmon Bake Restaurant.  
Birthday Party of our Goddaughter. 
On our way to Turtle Club Restaurant for dinner.
This was at my home. We were having a lazy day. 
At The Chatanika Lodge & Restaurant. I drove them there because they haven't been there. It was a good little drive out on the country. 
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