What a day!

I'm tired, I got home late and found Rocky's missing. I don't know when and how he got out but I guess he jumped off over the gate. I was in the panic and called the animal shelter right away. I was so glad that the cab driver just walked in the shelter and she has rocky in her car. She said that she saw Rocky almost got hit 3x and that she said his a dumb dog. She said she has 6 dogs and she thinks that rocky really is a dumb dog, thinking back, I'm beginning to think that he really is dumb. I'm just glad that he didn't get hurt. When I got home from the animal shelter, I couldn't find Farcom. Abby was seating outside alone. Oh my goodness, I don't know how did he got out, really. He's small and too fat to jumped off the fence. So, I took abby and we drove around a block looking for him and we found him just 3 houses away from ours, he got in the car when I called him without any problem. When we got home, Abby doesn't wanna come out from the car. I was standing there trying to get her out of the car and here comes the big truck, driving fast, and splashed me with water from the puddle. Oh, what a day! I took this picture last year (4-9-08) using my iphone going to work.
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