Not much going on, just enjoying life one day at a time. I'm getting an MRI tomorrow for my knee, it's been a month now and still hurting. Hopefully they'll figure out whats wrong so that they can fix it. I'm still going to my therapist twice a week for my back pain. All is good though, if I can rate my emotional and mental health, it would be 9.5 out of 10 but for my physical 4/10, I'll be alright. As for my work, I've been busy keeping up with my work load especially I have been in and out of the office because of my medical appointments. As for Joel, he is busy fixing and remodeling the house. As for the doggies, we gave up on Rocky. We just can't keep up with him. He jumped over the fence several times and we spent a lot of time looking for him and it just got old. He is sweet and lovable dog and he needs someone who can give him the full attention he needs. He has a lot of energy and he needs a big yard to run around in. My friend who gave him to us is going to take him back. I'm just hoping that they'll find someone who can take good care of him. I'm sad to let him go but I think it's for the best. For now, I'm pretty much happy with Abby and Farcom and my spoiled cat Mr. Kong and of course my sweetheart Migs. Joel brought these roses to my office
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  1. Wonderful hubby to bring you such beautiful roses. Let us know what the results of the MRI is?



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