"Every rose has its thorn, Just like every night has its dawn" by poison.
I heard this song while driving home tonight, and I don't know why it just got stuck in my head. It is true though that no matter how pretty or how beautiful a rose is, it always has a thorn. Same thing with us too. I could go on and talk about it but I'm too lazy to think right now.. I just hope you guys can see my thorn so that you can be aware of it and not get hurt by it.
I'm still in pain. My knee is not getting better. Tomorrow I'm gonna go see my physical therapist and massage therapist but they're not for my knee, they're for my back and shoulder. If this knee is not getting better by Friday, I'm going to see an orthopedic.
I'm so sad to have all this pain,  I'm still young and I have so much stuff I wanna do and need to do but this pain is just eating my life away. URGH!!! Please help pray for me. 
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  1. Thank you for reading my blog!!! I am very grateful for people interested in my little slice of life. Thank you.


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