Bible Study Gathering

My friends asked me if they could hold a bible study in my house. Without hesitation, I said yes... but they need to bring food or else they'll go hungry because I don't cook. Well,  I surprised myself, I did cook chicken adobo and baked whole tilapia and it was good. I guess there is hope for me yet!
Joel made dirty rice (fried rice with broccoli, mushrooms, green onions, tomatoes, etc) a bit spicy but I like it that way.. We had more than enough food, besides of what we cooked, my friends and family brought a bunch of food over. It was amazing!
Our bible study topic was, judging others; Matthew 7:1-12.  who we are to judge others? who we are to judge something that we didn't make or made? we are unique individuals and we are sinners. So, who are we to judge? It was a good topic.

 He is cooking!

 Aunt Marietta eating

 Jasmine and Michelle
 Marissa and Annalisa


Left: Jean, Marissa and Jasmine



  1. There is nothing quite like holding the hands of other believers and praying together. "The Circle Shall Not Be Broken"

  2. I want to also attend a Bible Study someday! This reminds me to read my Bible also, rather than those crazy Twilight books!


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