Tropical Skin

I went to my Dermatologist today because my skin have some colorless patches and I don't know what it is.. Anyway, she told me that I have a gorgeous skin and would be perfect if I live in a tropical area. She said that I have what's it called Pityriasis Alba, a common skin disorder. It's not bad and it's not contigious. All I have to do is to keep using my moisturizing cream and flucinonide ointment and it will eventually vanish.. However, I have other idea though, I could just move out of this cold cold State and go to a place where its warm.. I think I like that better..The Winter up here is just too dry, too cold and too long that makes my skin go crazy and so do I...Well, someday soon, I will be out of here..


  1. You are SO pretty!

    I can believe that the extreme weather can cause havoc with your skin.

  2. I think our (Asians) skin is really for tropical weather ;-) you're pretty and need to take care of your skin by the way thanks for always visiting my site

  3. BEAUTIFUL complexion! Take care of it!


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