I am no Monkey

I just love climbing up in a tree, Ok!
Growing up in the farm, far from civilization, no electricity, no TV, I have found a hobby that I think I would never grow out of. For me, nothing can be more rewarding than eating a fresh fruit from a tree that I just climbed on. I've also proved that hiding and Running away from washing dishes, climbing up to the highest tree with lots of leaves to hide, works, I've done it! oh silly me..I know..

Here, I was climbing Tiessa fruit tree (Yellow Sapote in English name) The fruit taste good but not my favorite

Mango Fruit tree in the front of our house in Surallah.
Jackfruit tree in Laconon at my Aunts yard


  1. I am sure it is great exercise:)

  2. Used to be a regular tree climber. Somehow over the years--I had forgotten what fun it was! Great pics!


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