Biopsy on Enlarge Lymph Nodes at the Base of My Neck

This is a continuation from my two post What Sickness Do I Have? and  Enlarge Lymph Nodes and Abdominal Abnormality 

Biopsy on Enlarge Lymph Nodes
View of Bellingham Bay

Lymph nodes on the left side of my neck started showing up just few days after I got sick on April 14th. My enlarge lymph node slowly multiplied that my left side of my neck was swelled up. Last week of June (just before my biopsy) I noticed my neck was not as swelled up and my lymph nodes are not as noticeable as it was.   

Before my biopsy, I was scared because I don't really know what to expect. I don't know how big the needles are and I'm worried about getting another scars on my neck. But I'm glad that my doctor went for Ultrasound Guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy instead of having an incisions to removed a lymph node for sample.  

On July 1st, I went in for my Ultrasound Guided Biopsy at St. Joseph Hospital East Tower here in Bellingham, Washington. I went in by myself because due to Covid-19 only patient can come in to the building and at the door they also asked to changed my mask and issued me a new one. Everyone there at the lobby was wearing yellow mask.

Checking in was easy, short wait at the lobby then in to the room. There were several nurses who assist me that day, I think 5 or 6 nurses. The nurse who started an IV on my right hand also had to asked me 1000 questions, well it feels like it.. but at least I'm just laying there answering the questions. She on the other hand had to fill out the questioners on the computer. It took almost an hour when she got done with me. 

Biopsy on Enlarge lymph nodes
Ready for IV

Another nurse came to take me to the procedure room. But before that she asked if I want Fentanyl to help me with the pain. I said no since they are going to administer anesthetic to my skin. She assured me though that if I need it, they can easily give it to me.  

The nurse wheeled me to the operating room. The room is so nice it didn't made me feel like I'm in the hospital or in the operating room. It so homey!  The nurses and the doctor made me feel so comfortable the whole time. 

When the doctor started the ultrasound, I saw the enlarged lymph nodes on the base of my neck and there is a lot of them.  Then the doctor poked a biopsy needle to my skin and in to the lymph node. I felt the needle going in but it wasn't painful. Both nurses and the doctor were amazing, they all made me feel comfortable. 

I was awake the whole time. I can feel the doctor's hand poking a needle and getting lots of specimens and cultures out of my 2 enlarged left supraclavicular lymph nodes.  But I didn't feel any pain.  Now and then I got to glance at the ultrasound screen but it's boring (black and white screen)The whole time that I was laying there, both nurses and the doctor were engaging. They kept talking to me and asking me questions and just keeping me awake. It was a good experience even though I'm on the operating table. 

After they got enough sample (the doctor made sure they have enough sample) the nurse brought me back to my room and another nurse came to discharge me. I got a band aid on my neck and told not to take off it until after 24 hours. Can't get it wet so no shower as well for the next 24 hours. 

after the biopsy
I'm so glad my doctor didn't have to cut me to remove one of the lymph node or two for sample, otherwise I wouldn't be going home with just one band aid. 

 My checked in time was at 12:40pm and I was discharged at 4:pm. All was good!

Lymph Nodes Biopsy
It gave me a good  size bruise but at least it's not an incision 

After the 4th of July weekend, I received a call from my doctor. He said that I need to go to the Emergency Room as soon as I can. My test result revealed that I have Fungal Infection and that I need to see a CDC Infectious Disease Doctor. 

Read my next post, I'll be sharing about the diagnoses and my trip to the Emergency Room

Biopsy on Enlarge Lymph Nodes
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