Enlarge Lymph Nodes and Abdominal abnormality

This is an update from my post on May 29th about What sickness do I have?. Just for a short recap, I've started being sick on April 14th. I thought at first it was just a sinus infection or allergic rhinitis. But then after almost 2 weeks I was still not healing up that's when I started seeing a doctor. From there, I've seen doctor after doctor trying to figure out what is wrong with me?

view of Imaging Clinic from across the street
Mt. Baker Imaging
It's where I had the Chest CT Scan and then CT Scan Abdomen Pelvis with Contrast

Due to lack of health insurance, I waited and find other options and also waited to see if I get better. I know getting a CT scan is not cheap here. But I didn't get better and other options didn't workout so I've decided to have it done. My health is more important and I know I needed to get this done soon. So, on June 9th,  I went and got my Chest CT scan done and the next day June 10th, I saw my doctor with the result of the scan.

Result of Chest CT scan:

  1. Irregular density at the left lung apex
  2. Lymphadenopathy base of the left neck,
  3. Enlarge lymph nodes at the base of left neck

I wasn't surprised because my left neck was swollen and I can see and and I can feel that big lymph node (measuring 1.2cm) as well as several small and enlarge ones on the base of my left neck. I can see it well when I cough. My coughing has been consistent since I started getting sick.  The doctor said those lymph nodes are worrisome. He said that he has to present my case to the Chest Conference and see what other doctor would say and will go from there.

Few days later, I received a call from my doctor and he suggested that I need to get an Ultrasound Guided Biopsy and CT Scan Abdomen Pelvis with Contrast. I know these procedure will cost a lot and I'm worried about the medical bills since I don't have health insurance. I applied for financial assistance but my application is still pending. Anyway, I went ahead and scheduled the CT scan and Biopsy. 

CT Scan Abdominal and Pelvis with Contrast
Barium Sulfate
In preparation for my Abdominal CT Scan, I had to take one 4 hours before the appointment then take the other one 1 hour before. It doesn't taste that bad but I almost threw up when I took the first bottle

On June 24th, I got the CT scan abdominal and Pelvis with contrast  done and the result are also worrisome. 


  1. Extensive omental and mesenteric nodularity suggesting carcinomatosis,
  2. Moderate volume ascites in the pelvis, presumably malignant. 

In other words there are some abnormality in my abdomen. Carcinomatosis? What?! Is it an ovarian cancer? Need more test to further diagnose what's going on with me.

My doctor recommended me to get a colonoscopy and referred me to a gastroenterologist. On June 28th, I went to see the doctor for consultation. I also got my blood test done that day and the test result were alarming.. Anyway few days later after that, I got a call from gastroenterology clinic and got my colonoscopy procedure scheduled.

But how did my swollen lymph node at the base of my neck and my persistent cough and the problem with my lungs got to do with my abdominal?  

I know I have some discomfort in my abdominal area, but am I dealing with one or two separate problems?  more test I guess.

I will post about my Ultrasound Guided Biopsy next...

Since I've started getting sick, our life on the road has been put on pause, on hold. Waiting and waiting and more waiting trying to figure out what's wrong with me. But I'm so glad to have my pulmonology doctor who has been very helpful and kind, as well as the nurses and other doctors who I have encountered, they are all very good and really nice. And for my family and friends who supports and continually praying for me.. I am so grateful!

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