U-pick Strawberries at Boxx Berry Farm

On June 20th, we celebrated the Father's Day by going to Boxx Berry Farm in Ferndale, Washington to picked fresh, delicious, and sweet strawberries. It was nice and clear sunny blue sky, a little bit warm but a breezy day. We enjoyed our time picking. Overall, we picked about 9 lbs and maybe ate about xxlb (hmm who knows) while picking. Their price per pound is $3 really good for this freshly picked sweet strawberries.  The experience is priceless.

I can't wait for their blueberries later on this summer and oh their beautiful u-pick flowers especially my favorite dahlias  

Beautiful day picking fresh strawberries at U-pick farm
Fresh picked sweet strawberries from Boxx Berry Farm

Clear view of Mt. Baker while picking fresh and sweet strawberries
Pretty nice and clear day with the beautiful view of Mt. Baker in the background.  A snow covered mountain that looks like a whipped cream covering my freshly picked strawberries.

He picked the most strawberries on Father's Day
A happy Father
He picked about 6 lbs and probably ate about 1 more pound while picking. 

Father and Son on Father's Day picking sweet strawberries
Alan enjoyed picking and eating delicious strawberries with his dad. He got his own bucket and picked about 2 pounds of strawberries. What a great way to spend Father's day!

view of Boxx Berry Farm U-Pick Strawberry
Looking ahead is a little shack where we got the buckets and paid for our picked strawberries. There is a porta-potty and a washing station closed to the shack. 
Parking is to the right and strawberry u-pick field is to the left just pass the shack

Nice view of Mt. Baker and the U-Pick Farm Booth
Another beautiful view of Mt. Baker. 
Alan's walking towards the booth to get a bucket for the strawberries he's going to picked.
Nice and friendly staff manning the booth. Good customer service. 

Sweet Strawberries about to be pick
Sometimes it's hard to choose which one to picked. They are deliciously sweet strawberries and they look so good.

Big and weird looking strawberry but oh so sweet
 I found several big ones but they looked a little weird. Like this one, there's something growing on the side, still taste delicious. I only picked about one pound (1 lb.) because I was busy looking for big weird ones which was a lot of fun. 

Click the picture above to learn more about the
Boxx Berry Farm on their Facebook Account
 or go to their website by clicking here Boxx Berry Farm

Boxx Berry Farm is located on 6211 Northwest Drive, Ferndale, Washington 98248. Phone number 360-380-2699. They are open Monday - Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 10-4


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