Sockeye Fire in Willow Alaska

The Sockeye wildfire started on Sunday near Willow, Alaska.The fire was believe to be a human caused but it is under investigation. Gov. Bill Walker declared State Disaster due to the fire had already burned 6,500 acres and displaced more than 1,700 residents.  Approximately 25 primary and about 10-20 secondary structures had been destroyed on the north end of the fire, North of Kashwitna lake.

I guess living in Alaska, this is something that everyone here should and always expect. Wildfires in  the Summer! It is sad that we are just now starting to enjoy the warm weather but the wildfires are joining in too, or I might say, it's taking over the party. It is having a very good time, it's showing off, and it's displaying how mighty it is. Oh Fires! Every year, you never fails us.

Fire Perimeter Map

Image Courtesy of Blake Essig KTUU TV

Image Courtesy of David Brooks

Image courtesy of Stefan Hinman
Image courtesy of Marc Lester ADN

Image courtesy of Marc Lester ADN

Image courtesy of Stefan Hinman

 This is what I called FireXing. The Fire had crossed the highway on to the other side of the road. It causes the highway to temporarily shutdown.
Image courtesy of Stefan Hinman

Here is an aerial video of the Sockeye fire. Amazing footage of the destructive fire

Sockeye Fire!

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