Big Toys for My Toddler

I know he's a little too young for this, but he had fun riding yesterday. My back was sore from binding down helping him drive but I had fun too. These are really big toys for my toddler. Someone might think that my husband and I are spoiling our boy with big toys but oh No. These were given or pass down to us by friends. Their kids outgrew them so they passed it down to my toddler, which we are so grateful. My toddler had fun and he will have more fun when he's a little older. He had no problem reaching the pedal of the Mustang car but the other one, he needs some growing up to do. He learns pretty well though when I said Stop he releases the pedal, when I said go he pushed the pedal again. I also taught him left, right, and reverse and he's getting it quite alright. He is such a happy boy!

Happy Boy!



  1. Your son is big now ;-) time flies and he's lucky to get those cars for free.

  2. Thank you, Yes time does really flies. And we are grateful to have them for free.


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