Kayaker in Whale's Mouth in Sitka, Alaska

I saw this on Facebook and thought I'd share it here. This guy was so lucky to have survived this. He got to live another day to tell the story.  His name is Dr. Richard kraft, Sitka's very own dentist. I guess this whale was scoping a mouthful  of herring at the bay.

"Yep, that is me in the picture. Yep that is a whale that was just around the corner from the ferry terminal. "Paddle really fast" is the only thing I could think of at the time..
Also thinking that I don't look like a herring, don't smell like a herring but with the same herring instinct of "get the hell out of the way of that big mouth!!" Still living to tell yet another story.. Rich K" info from Dick Wass on Facebook.

Live another day!

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