Thoughts on Gay Marriage by a Teenager

My cousin's daughter wrote this on her Facebook and she made a lot of sense than most adults. She did a really a good job putting it down together. Very well said, I couldn't agree more.

Gay Marriage Post- If you're gonna get worked up don't read.

Very interesting to me how worked up people can get over something that doesn't have a thing to do with them. I believe that ALL humans should be able to love whoever their heart tells them to love. I have several gay people in my life, both family and friends, and to hear people say that "they should all die" sickens me.
Some claim that it is going against God's word to love and marry the same sex. But it is also going against God's word to divorce and remarry... Commit adultery.. BUT somehow those sins are "different"??? You cannot pick and choose your favorite rules to follow.
To discriminate gays and treat them as if they are beneath you disgusts me. Just because you feel uncomfortable with something does not mean it is wrong or beneath you. History is in the making, and we are expanding our equal rights as we should have long ago. No it isn't "traditional", but time is for IMPROVING and moving forward. --- YES, gay marriage would not have been even nearly possible back in time.. But back in time it was also acceptable to own and enslave blacks. But time has passed and we have improved. That is the point.
I love ALL of my family. Gay or not it makes NO effing difference to me, and I want them to be happy.


Red River Stuary, Ferndale, Washington

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