Yukon 800 Shakedown 2015

I have live in Fairbanks for many years but never have known about this boat race until my friend invited me to come see the Yukon 800 shakedown race. The race started at Chena Pump campground or I would call it Pikes Landing Ice Bridge. My toddler and I had fun watching them race.

The Yukon 800 Shakedown (Fairbanks-Old Minto-Fairbanks) was a 3 hrs race, although I'm not sure if that's round trip. There were 3 crews on each boat and the boat is really low, almost to the water level when the crews are sitting on it. The water is pretty cold and the boat is very fast, it can reach up to 70 miles per hour. The boat is built from scratch, a 24 foot long, and with 50 horsepower.

Here is my friend Amber with her son. Alan had fun playing with him

Here is a short video I made from Yukon 800 Boat Race Shakedown 2015. ENJOY!

Love Alaska!

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