What My Little Boy's Fears and Worries

When my little boy was 4 years old, he would come to me crying and telling me "Mama, I don't want you dead" He still do that now and then and he would burst into crying.
Couple weeks ago, he came to me and told me "Mama I don't want you in jail" then he cried. I was shock to why would he think that and at the same time I felt so sad that a little boy worries about being left behind. I told him just pray that nothing bad will happen to mama - not in jail and not dead! The next day during breakfast, his grandma asked him to pray and I heard him pray "I don't want mama go to jail" his grandma was like where did that come from. I guess his fears and worries are getting left behind. He sure does love his mama.

Lorena Sims

Lorena Sims
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