House no heat - boiler not working

After several power outages last week, our boiler haven't been working right. And today it finally stop working. We have not had any problem for 2 year straigh thanks to Nate @ Igloo Heating, LLC for keeping it working.
There's a part in the boiler that need to be replaced but there's none available in town nor in the State of Alaska. We have to wait 3 to 5 days for it to arrived here. Hopefully that part will fix the problem.
Our house no heat. Good thing Nate has few space heaters. He let us borrowed at least it will keep our footsie and buttsie warm for few days. We won't  have  hot water though so we'll be going to the gym to take a shower.
I'm just hoping that the boiler get fix before we dipped down to below zero again. I'm worried about pipe freezing up, it'll create more problems. The joy of living in the last frontier!

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