Fun Things to do on a Saturday; Ferry ride and Explore Pike Place Market

 Taking advantage of a sunny and bright Autumn Saturday here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Beautiful view of Seattle on a sunny Saturday from the ferry
Seattle here we come!

It was bright and sunny Saturday. We decided to take a trip to Seattle via Bremerton Ferry (Washington State Ferry).  Then we explore the Pike Place Market. 

Watch our adventure's here

Parking in Bremerton: 

We decided to drive our truck to Bremerton from Port Orchard rather than using the Foot Ferry.  Driving down to Bremerton Ferry Terminal, we saw the Harborside Garage and decided to park there. We paid $11 for the day (until midnight) We were not sure if there are any other long term parking (2 hrs +) in the area. It's all good. 

How much is the Ferry Ticket: 

No Need A Ticket! going to Seattle from Bremerton with the Washington State Ferry is Free. However, from Seattle to Bremerton is $9.45 for Adult. See my other post here The Best Ferry ride from Seattle for more information about about ferry cost and schedule.

Foot Ferry  just came in from Port Orchard
View of passenger walkway to Kitsap Fast Ferry and Foot Ferry.
Foot Ferry from Port Orchard just came in.

What we did while waiting for the Ferry: 

We arrived at the Bremerton Ferry Terminal a little early so we walked down to Harborside Fountain Park.  The park is so beautiful with lots of Autumn colors,  rock sculptures and landscape.  From there we watched the ferry from Seattle came in to the dock. It was amazing seeing how much water got pushed in. Must watch it! Watching Ferry from Seattle

Beautiful Autumn Colors in Harborside Fountain Park
Enjoying the Fall colors in Harborside Fountain Park by the Bremerton Ferry Terminal

Ferry Terminal passenger walkway and the beautiful fall colors
Bremerton passenger walkway. View from Harborside Fountain Park

Boy is watching, the ferry is coming
Watching the ferry coming in to the dock from Seattle

Beautiful Bremerton and the Olympic Mountains
View of Bremerton and the Majestic Olympic Mountains

How long was the ferry ride:

The Ferry ride was about an hour to get to Seattle. We took the afternoon schedule and left Bremerton around 1:30pm. It was a beautiful ride and it's free!

Our Stops and places we visited in Seattle on a Saturday afternoon:

  1. Ivar's Clam Chowder - was our first stop as soon as we got out of the ferry terminal. We ordered Smoked Salmon Chowder and it was delicious. We also enjoy watching seagulls outside while eating our warm delicious chowder inside.
  2. Frankly Sweets - bought pack of gum and started chewing while walking to the Gum Wall.
  3. The Gum Wall - The iconic gum wall. Thousands of gum and we added 3 more to it. Watch our video above.
  4. Fish Throwing at Pike Place Market - Being a beautiful Saturday, it was expected to have plenty of people in Pike Place Market. We waited for a few minutes (along with several people) for the workers to start the action "Fish Throwing" It was cool! Always enjoyed watching them. 
  5. Pike Place Bakery -  We bough Apple Cinnamon Bread, Almond Chip Divinity Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, and Sugar Cookie. A bit pricey but good!
  6. Organic Spiced Apple Cider - Got a cup of warm honeycrisp cranapple flavor $8 for 16 oz. Expensive but it taste oh so good!
  7. Pike Place Market Sundeck - Lots of people and a bit crowded but it's a nice place to rest and enjoy the beautiful views. There are birds around to watch and enjoy. The picnic tables are also available for 30 minutes.  Also got to pet the pig there. 
  8. Victor Steinbrueck Park - While walking at the park, we come across this vendor, on the side knitting some hat and other stuff. I decided to stop and check what she made. Bought 2 hats from her and I love the hat that she picked for me. I've been wearing it a lot. 
  9. Don and Joe's Meats - on our way back to the ferry, we stopped here and bought 2 little ziploc bag of mix sliced smoked cheese, sausages, and jerky for $5 a bag. It was so good.
  10. Walking around Pike Place Market - So many things to see and do in Pike Place Market.  However, we only got so much time before it get dark. We didn't get to buy flower bouquet because they are pretty much gone when we arrived there. Also the First Starbucks coffee shop - the line is so long, so skip that also. 

Beautiful Sunset at the Seattle Ferry Terminal
Beautiful Sunset in Seattle on our way back to Bremerton

On our way back to Seattle Ferry Terminal Pier 52, the sunset gave a really good show. It was so pretty amazing! 

We took the 5:30 pm Ferry back to Bremerton. By the time the ferry left Seattle it was already dark. Sunset's gone but the Seattle city lights on and it is spectacular!

What an amazing and fun day riding the ferry and exploring Pike Place Market on a Saturday afternoon. 

Please watch our video above to see our captured Saturday adventures!

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