How does a Squirrel steal?

When it's raining, and both dogs and cat are inside the house, then there's no one out there to bother him. This black squirrel was at the bird feeder for more than half an hour. He got the feeder to moved counter clockwise for several times, I guess to loosen things up, I think he's trying to get peanuts out of it.

He squeezed his head down for more

When he got tired of squeezing his head down or turning the feeder, he walked around it as if he was missing something from the other side.

Finally, as soon as he was done eating and left, the birds took over.


  1. Hi Lorena, thanks for dropping by my blog again, it's been a long time since I updated my blog. Nice shots, I bet you're using a fancy DSLR camera lol, I just moved to WA last 3 wks ago ;-)

  2. Hi I loved this post especially because I love squirrels. We have quite a few visit our garden and I always make sure there is food for them.
    Loved the pics as well.

    Have a good week-end.

  3. That squirrel is real smarty. Great shots you've captured.

  4. Thank you guys for comments. @ Sandonyx - I'm just using my old Sony alpha DSLR. If you ever go to Canada or be in this area of WA,come visit us. @ Yvonne, I did enjoy watching that squirrel. I don't see them much here though, I think it's because of my pets. @ Wanda, thank you.


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