A Hike to Marymere Falls

 After our Trip to Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park , we drove to Lake Crescent Olympic National Park  and parked our vehicle in the parking lot close to Storm King Ranger Station. There were a lot of vehicles in the parking lot but we had no problem finding a parking spot.  The trail to Marymere Falls starts just past the Storm King Ranger Station. A nice 1.5 mile round trip nature trail, mostly flat until the Falls Creek log bridge, then the trail gradually ascends 200 feet in elevation. It was an easy and beautiful hike but my shoes and pants got muddy. It also got crowded up there but it's worth the hike and a must see when visiting the Olympic National Park. The view of Marymere Falls and the narrow loop trail Marymere Falls Nature Trail 1.5 Miles Round Trip No Pets, Weapons, or Vehicles The tunnel under the road The passage to the other side. It's so nice that the hikers going to Marymere falls don't have to deal with busy highway US-101 I love the new growth on

Service Sunday

Yesterday was a Service Sunday at the church that we're attending. Service Sunday is where the congregation goes out to the community and does some community work instead of having a worship gathering in the church. The church does this twice a year. There were dozens of projects that they put out so the congregation can choose from; going to nursing home, cleaning project, winterize project, yard work and so on. My hubby and I had the opportunity to do some yard work for the family that have Lyme disease. I think it's a great thing that the church does this.
Last night there's also a Harvest Celebration Dinner. The congregation contributes and bring food to church and we all enjoy it together.

"Our vision is to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. We are compiled to serve and give. As a church we exist to restore passion for God and compassion for others." Northside Community Church


  1. LOVE that poppy picture. Our church will do this for the first time the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I am in charge of 2 LARGE projects for the school we adopted. PRAY I get it all together when I get home.

  2. Wonderful post especially the the poppy.


  3. Service Sunday sounds like a wonderful idea. More of us should do things like that! I LOVE that second picture-- the black and white and orange is very striking. They aren't poppies, though are they? What are they? Your title picture is gorgeous, too, btw!

  4. Lora, it'll be fun. I'll help pray for the success and thank you for making a difference.
    Lora, Yvonne and lizziviggi, thank you for the comments. The second picture is not a poppy, it's a Chinese lantern plant. I love the plant, I might go get some later to plant.

  5. What a wonderful way of getting the congregation hands on in the community and makes the whole thing of getting out of their comfort zones a tad easier.


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