Olympic Peninsula Adventure

From La Conner Thousand Trails RV & Camping Resort, we drove to Coupeville Ferry Terminal. We were on the standby lane and didn't get on the first Ferry but we got on the next one. But because of that, we were able to explore Fort Casey State Park. Here's the link to that adventure A Ferry Ride to Port Townsend From Coupeville  When we arrived at Port Townsend it was late in the afternoon so we decided to spend a night in the area. We drove to Port Angeles and checked in at the Riviera Inn. Nothing special with the Inn but it was clean, cheap, and it suffice our need for the night. The next day, we checked out early from the Inn, got our breakfast, then head up Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park. We stopped at the Overlook-Victoria B.C. From there I made a reservation for the Ferry back to Coupeville. The Ferry was full until the 5:15pm sailing time, so I went ahead and made that reservations.  We had a nice drive up to Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center.  Here's the lin

Kiteboarding Playground

A playground for kite boarders. A view from our back yard when the weather turns windy and cold. I used to think that when it's rainy and windy outside, it's not a good day. But these kite boarders gave me a new perspective. It is like heaven to them, I think they even pray for the weather to be like that. I love watching them, especially when they jump few feet above the water. I also love watching them when they go so fast, I don't how many miles/hr, but it looks fast that if they're driving like that on the road they'll probably get a big ticket and even get in an accident. I think this sport is good for people who are speed maniacs, they can go as fast as they want and don't get someone hurt, just themselves.

Kiteboarding is one of the items on my bucket list. Hopefully I'll get to do it soon. I kind of hesitant though because of the cold weather.
To learn more about kiteboarding in Bellingham, here's a site for you 
Bellingham Kiteborading


  1. Oh my goodness...that looks cold and wet...not on my bucket list at all.



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