Squirrel Domination

We have been enjoying our new friends in our back yard but I think they're going to get us broke. One bag of squirrel food only lasts for 2 days. Last week we only have one kind of squirrel (Black) but now there's two kinds and this one is so aggressive. They chase away the ones who got close to them even the birds, however, the black squirrels got along well. I guess, discrimination does exist not only for humans but for animals too.

I love watching them and could watch them for a long time. It's so funny when they run around and find a place to dig and hide their food. They're so cute but I wonder if they'll do harm in our yard. I'm just getting to know them and don't know much about them.

"My life with the squirrel photographs"


  1. At last I have found someone who loves squirrels. I have been feeding the ones in the garden for quite a while now. Like you I enjoy watching their antics.

    Loved the pics.


  2. Cute little pesks that can do LOTS of damage!

  3. lol, so cute!! I love these photos!! :D Have you tried feeding the squirrels things that are harder to get at? If the food is really easy for them to take they usually go through it very quickly. :D

    Some varieties of squirrels are more territorial and aggressive than others, if you want to test this out, you should put up more than one feeder at different [paces, and see who takes over what one! That would be a fun experiment!! :D

    I hope you are enjoying yourself! :D Have a fabulous winter!


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