Up for a Ride

These dogs were really up for the ride. They were so happy sticking their heads out and feeling the cold wind blow on their face. Although I found it not safe but they probably will not jump.
It was windy cold and this woman was up for a back ride. I found it interesting that this man was wearing shorts even though it was cold, not much snow on the ground but the wind made it so cold. Anyway, he was happily carrying this woman on his back.


  1. These are priceless photos. You have the nack of shooting the most amazing photos.

  2. As Always wonderful photographs.

    Happy Thanks Giving.

  3. Those dogs look so cute. I would worry they would jump out. Have you seen Marley and me? lol.

    As for the man carrying the woman, I hope he didn't slip and fall!

  4. It's amazing how many men you see running around in shorts, no matter the weather! At least he has a hat. Love the matching sweatshirts!


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