Lemon Price in Fairbanks

I cringe when I saw the price of lemon at the store yesterday. I guess I'm back in Fairbanks, Alaska! When I was in Washington, I've started drinking half a lemon juice every morning soon after I get up. The price of lemon there (the big ones) were 69 cent each or I can get a whole bag (10 lemons)for about $5.99 so cheap. Will, the price of lemon at the store yesterday was $1.29 each and for organic $1.69 Oh My Gosh! I know living up here is expensive, I guess I'll just have to deal with it. sucks!



  1. Go to Sam's, they usually have Lemons and Limes in bags at decent prices. Sometimes they are out of stock, but just keep looking.

  2. Thank you Steve, I'll be going there this weekend.


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