I Hate Leaving Work Late

I LOVE going to work early, that's my thing, I like to have some time to set my stuff up, get my work station ready, get coffee, use the restroom and whatnot. I don't like the rush. When the clock turns at 8 am, I want to be ready and start working right then. However, when there's love there's hate also. I HATE leaving work late. When the clock turn at 5pm, I should have everything turned off and ready to head out the door and go home. When it is time to go home, it's TIME to go home!
I don't have problem staying in late, I can stay as long as you want me be, but if I'm not getting paid for it, now, that will irritate me badly. I know that if I'm getting paid for staying in late it is because it's important. Therefore, unless I'm getting paid or I've chosen to stay in late, I don't want to mess up my going home time.  I guess it's all about balance and my day was out of balance today because I didn't get to get out right at quitting time. 5 minutes late is okay but 15 minutes before I got in to my truck was really irritating and frustrating! I have a boy waiting for me at home expecting to see me at certain time, 15 minutes late was quite some time for little boy. Just saying!

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