Tire was about to fall off the Van

On our way to Seattle yesterday, we heard this sudden funny noise from our van but we kept on going to our destination. Once we arrived, we got busy and forgot about it. On our way back home, that noise keep getting louder. By that time, we decided to stop and check it out. Oh my gosh! the tire on the front right hand side was about to fall off. My husband tried to tighten the lug nuts or stud, the first one broke off and the second one he checked was broken too, in fact, all of the studs were seems to be broken. Thank God for keeping us safe and nothing bad had happened to us.

It was about 7pm when we stopped and we were still about 45 minutes away from home. Car rentals were closed and so were the businesses that can fix our vehicle. We were so thankful for my husband's cousin (Jackie) for rescuing us. And also thankful for the Food Mart Chevron Station in Burlington for letting us park our van on their limited parking lot. Burlington Cop also tried to help us but we were far beyond help :-) we need a mechanic.
Lesson learned: Don't ignore funny noise, when in doubt, check it out!
Food Mart Chevron Station Burlington, Washington
Burlington Cop tried to help us
Broken Studs
Jackie our rescuer
Beautiful Sunset on our way home from Burlington

So thankful we got home safe!