My Toddler is a Traveling Trooper!

The night before our travel back home to Alaska, we were at my sister in law's place. My toddler didn't or wouldn't sleep before we left about 11pm. On our way to the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, he slept the whole way but that was only a little over an hour drive. I was hoping he'll be tired and sleepy when we get in the airport but I was wrong. He was up until we were inside the plane and ready to fly out. He slept the whole 3hrs ride. I woke him up when we got to Anchorage airport with no problem, he just got up and start walking. We waited for another hour at the airport and got into another plane with no problem.
Train ride to N Gate

I'm so proud of him. No fuss or muss! he was behave and very good. He made the trip very pleasant. Considering he only had an hour sleep before we got to Sea-Tac airport. We were there before 1am and didn't leave until 6am. He Slept another 3 hrs on the plane and stayed up until we got home. He really is my little traveling trooper!