Happy Mother's Day to all Women!

To all women out there, whether you have an offspring or not, Happy Mother's Day to YOU!
I believe that mother's day celebration shouldn't be only for women that has kids. Some women who didn't or can't have kids are someway, somehow, one way or the other are being a mother to someone. They Maybe helping or taking care of  their nieces, nephews, cousins, neighbor kids, friend's kids, or to some kids that they don't know their real mother is, or simply a mother to their pets.

It took 13 years before I got pregnant, and with all those years I kind of not happy during Mother's day, it's because most people only sends their greetings to mothers. I know I didn't have any kid on my own then, but I had few kids that I was taking care of. So it's kind of unfair to only greet the mothers. That's why I'm so thankful for our church #First Presbyterian Church of Fairbanks, Alaska because there we greet and celebrate the mother's day with all the women. I didn't feel left out and I love getting flowers from little kids.

 Happy Mother's Day to all Women!


  1. Belated happy Mother's Day ;-) I finally found your blog hehehe, long time no read, I've been inactive updating my blog and hopefully I can update it regularly. Good to know that you already have a son.

    1. Hey, good to hear again from you! I was inactive too until last month. It was a good time to come back with the April A-Z challenge. Yes, I have a son now, he's growing fast. I hope to see you blogging regularly.


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