Photos of Our Breathtaking Visit to The Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park

Here is our unplanned trip to Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park on June 08, 2021. We stayed a night in Port Angeles and drove up to the park around 11am. There are several cars on the road but not really that crowded up there. The weather was nice but a bit chilly, cloudy, and rainy at some part. Hurricane Ridge is the most visited place in the Olympic National Park. 
view of the mountain range, the clouds and wildflowers
Little blue picking through the clouds and the happy little flowers
A mile beyond the visitor center and this is the beauty you'll see. Even with the clouds covering most of the mountain range, the view still is amazing!

Wildflowers, waterfalls, and the road to Hurricane Ridge
Several waterfalls can be seen on the road up to Hurricane Ridge and lots of beautiful wildflowers everywhere

Welcome sign going to Hurricane Ridge
Welcome to Olympic National Park
About 5 miles from this sign is where the Hurricane Ridge National Park entrance and fee station.

Three tunnels on the road to Hurricane Ridge
There are 3 little short tunnels that are really closed to each other

view of Strait of Juan de Fuca and wildflowers
Daisies, tress, a little bit of the view of Strait of Juan de Fuca  

Dead but beautiful tree on the side of the road
This tree might be dead but still have it's awe
Nice road up to Hurricane Ridge but it is narrow and twisty and some part is drop down without guardrails.

Nice and big visitor center
Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center
Olympic National Park
About 17 miles uphill from Port Angeles Washington. It's a nice visitor center, it has restrooms, gift shop, and a nice outdoor patio for breathtaking views of the mountain range. Can also pick up map and brochures here for the park. 

Snow still on the hills and the almost full parking lot
It was a chilly day and the clouds are rolling in and it's starting to rain but the visitors are enjoying the snow, walking up to the hilltop.

View of Visitor Center and cloud covered mountain range
It was cloudy but the view still amazing. 
Looking over the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center and the parking lot. There are several deer on this picture but can hardly see them

Nice Picnic area with beautiful views of the mountains
Picnic Area
The views there are so amazing! About a mile past the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center. A nice paved parking lot, restrooms, and few picnic tables

Picnic table still covered with snow
I guess we visited the Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park too early. There are still snow covering some of the picnic tables

Lots of Deer at Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park
Deer oh dear!
So many of them out there and some on the road, so be careful when driving

Hills with snow but roads are clear
I love the shape of the snow on the ground, looks interesting to me. On our way down Port Angeles from Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center 

Our ride going to Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park
Our ride up to Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park. It was a nice trip up there.




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