Our Quick and Amazing Visit to The Lake Crescent Olympic National Park

 After our Trip to Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park we decided to visit Lake Crescent Olympic National Park. We had the time and the park was not that far from Port Angeles. About 18 miles to Lake Crescent Overlook and another 1.7 miles to Lake Crescent Recreation Area. The drive was nice even with a bit cloudy and rainy in some part of the place. 

We didn't really get to explore the Lake Crescent recreational area because we were more interested on our a hike up to Marymere Waterfalls. The parking and the entrance to Marymere falls is in Lake Crescent recreation area. A nice big parking lot (a bit crowded though) with nice clean restrooms and big informational board.  

Welcome sign of Lake Crescent Olympic National Park
Welcome to Lake Crescent
Olympic National Park

Ranger Cabin, misty mountains, wildflowers, the forrest
Storm King Ranger Station 
I love the view of this cabin, it's so green around it. With the little white flowers (daisy), the trees, and the misty mountains behind, it so gorgeous!

Clear water and beautiful trees at Lake Crescent
Pristine clear waters of Lake Crescent

Clear Water and the exposed tree roots at Lake Crescent
Tree roots looks like they are crawling up away from the water

View of the sky and tree branches on Lake Crescent
The shadows of tree branches and the picking of blue skies so beautiful

Storm King Ranger Station Cabin
Another view of the Storm King Ranger Station. 
There were no ranger when we were there.

Information on Lake Crescent
Divided Lake
On the right Mount Storm King towers over Lake Crescent.
According to Indian legend, Mount Storm King became angry
because the Quileute and Klallam people were killing each other
in battle. Hurling part of his crest down into the valley, Storm
King killed all combatants and at the same time dammed the
stream with the great rock, forming the present lake.

The legend corresponds closely with geological evidence. Lake
Crescent was once larger, but has been dammed by an avalanche
from the wall at the far end of the lake. The landslide divided Lake
Crescent from Lake Sutherland.

Spawning fish may once have entered Lake Crescent from the sea
by way of Elwha and Indian Creek. Now the only salmon here
are landlocked.
(Olympic National Park)

Lake Cresent is about 20 miles from Port Angeles 

To learn more about Lake Crescent, here's the link  Lake Crescent Olympic National Park

Highway 101- US to Lake crescent
Highway 101-US to Crescent Lake Olympic National Park 




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