Our Adventures to Ride a Ferry From Coupeville to Port Townsend


It was a nice afternoon drive to Coupeville Ferry Terminal  after a couple of days rejuvenating (cooped up inside) because of the weather being so cold, rainy, and windy. When it's not raining in Washington it's beautiful!

Beautiful view from Point Hudson in Port Townsend

Our plan was to drive from La Conner Thousand Trails RV Resort to Coupeville Ferry Terminal and see if we can catch a Ferry ride to Port Townsend then drive back to La Conner the same day. 

The drive was about 36 miles to Coupeville Ferry Terminal from La Conner, which is not that far.

Keystone Ferry Landing or Coupeville Ferry Terminal
Coupeville Ferry Terminal 

We arrived at Coupeville Ferry Terminal just before the 2:45 pm Ferry. We didn't buy our tickets ahead of time because it wasn't really a big deal if we get on or not on the Ferry to Port Townsend. At the check in booth, the guy said the Ferry is full but maybe they'll be able to fit us in. So we went ahead and paid for our tickets then went to our lane (the no reservation lane). 

The ticket was less than $18 for two of us plus the car. We waited in line until the ferry arrived. Then we moved a few spots but we didn't get on. The ferry was full. However, they said the next ferry was at 4:15pm and it looks promising that we may or will get on so we decided to stay and wait.

Arriving ferry at Coupeville Ferry Dock
The Ferry approaching from Port Townsend 

We have over an hour of waiting time, so we decided to go for a walk at Fort Casey State Park. We walked through the campground then to a trail going up to Battery Kingsbury and Battery Moore. The view was amazing and the weather was perfect.  It was a nice afternoon. We were so glad that we didn't get on the 2:45pm Ferry ride and decided to wait for the next one. 

Fort Casey State Park
Battery Moore at Fort Casey State Park 

The cannon at Fort Casey State Park
The cannon and the lighthouse 

nice trail up to Fort Casey State park
Fort Casey State Park trail going back to Coupeville Ferry Terminal 

The 4:15 pm Ferry - we got on! and arrived to Port Townsend just before 5pm. We drove down the main street (Water St.) all the way down to Hudson St. and walked to Point Hudson Marina. It was beautiful!

Ferry ride looking over Port Townsend
On the Ferry looking over Port Townsend 

Enjoying the ferry ride and the beautiful weather. The clouds were amazing
That's me enjoying the day!

Water St. at Port Townsend
Water St. at Port Townsend 

Cool Van we saw at Port Townsend
Saw this vehicle at Water St. Port Townsend. It looks cool and interesting.

After our walked at the Marina, we decided to not head back to La Conner and to stay at Port Townsend for the night. But then after some thoughts we end up driving to Port Angeles. We also made a plan to go see the Olympic National Park then head back to La Conner in the afternoon the next day.

Port Hudson Marina at Port Townsend
Point Hudson Marina 

The anchor at Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend
The Anchor at Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend Washington

It was a nice day and a good trip!




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