1 Day Adventures to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State

From La Conner Thousand Trails RV & Camping Resort, we drove to Coupeville Ferry Terminal. We were on the standby lane and didn't get on the first Ferry but we got on the next one. But because of that, we were able to explore Fort Casey State Park. Here's the link to that adventure A Ferry Ride to Port Townsend From Coupeville 

When we arrived at Port Townsend it was late in the afternoon so we decided to spend a night in the area. We drove to Port Angeles and checked in at the Riviera Inn. Nothing special with the Inn but it was clean, cheap, and it suffice our need for the night.

The next day, we checked out early from the Inn, got our breakfast, then head up Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park. We stopped at the Overlook-Victoria B.C. From there I made a reservation for the Ferry back to Coupeville. The Ferry was full until the 5:15pm sailing time, so I went ahead and made that reservations. 

We had a nice drive up to Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center.  Here's the link to that adventure A Trip to Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park. It was cloudy but the clouds cleared up a little. We got there just in time to see the beauty of the mountain range, then the dark clouds came in and the rain started. It was bit cold up there, windy and there was still a lot of snow (not on the road). It was worth the drive up there and see the place.

On our way back down to Port Angeles, I checked our ferry reservation and I don't know how it happened but the time (5:15pm) I reserved became 6:45pm. When I went online to check the schedule again, the 5:15 pm was already full. There was nothing I can do about it but to wait. We had more time, it was only 1:02 pm when we stopped at the Welcome sign of Olympic National Park. So we decided to go visit the Lake Crescent Olympic National Park.

Lake Crescent Olympic National Park was only about 20 miles from Port Angeles. Here's the link to that adventure A Trip to Lake Crescent Olympic National Park. It was a nice drive to there, the lake is absolutely gorgeous, the water is so clear, and the views are amazing! 

We parked our vehicle in Lake Crescent recreational area and we hiked to Marymere Falls. It was a beautiful and easy hike. The waterfall, the forest, the moss, the ferns, was amazing. It was worth our time. Here is the link to that Adventure A Hike to Marymere Falls. The rain started just before we left the parking lot. On our way back to Port Angeles, we did a short stop at Madison Falls Trailhead and got some pictures of beautiful Elwha River. Then we drove back to Port Townsend. 

It was sunny and nice at Port Townsend. We arrived there with plenty of time before our ferry back ride to Coupeville. We didn't have any problem with our ferry ride and we arrived back to La Conner with still plenty of daylight. It was a wonderful day trip adventure to Olympic Peninsula. 

Mountain view and the Elwha River
The Beautiful view of Elwha River

Cloud shape like a window - at Fort Casey State Park
A cloud window over at Fort Casey State Park

Beautiful wildflowers
Wild Flowers

Bridge over falls creek going up to Marymere Falls
Falls Creek Bridge. A log bridge going up to Marymere Falls.

Name of the road at Port Townsend
Highway 20 in Port Townsend is the SIMS WAY

View of the motel at Port Angeles - Riviera Inn
Riviera Inn at Port Angeles

Lupine and some wildflowers behind the Welcome sign of Olympic National Forest
Beautiful Lupine behind the Welcome sign of Olympic National Park

Forget-me-not and some wildflowers at Lake Crescent National Park
Forget-me-not and other wild flowers over at Crescent Lake Olympic National Park

Wild Roses in Bloom and the beautiful view of the water at La Conner
Roses are blooming at La Conner Thousand Trails RV and Camping Resort

Beautiful view of the waterfall and the greenery surrounding it.
The Marymere Falls

View of Fort Casey State Park from the ferry
View of Fort Casey State Park and Coupeville Ferry Terminal 

View of Port Townsend from the ferry
 View of Port Townsend from the Ferry

Picnic Area with beautiful view at Hurricane Ridge
Hurricane Ridge picnic area

Clear water of Lake Crescent National Park
Lake Crescent beautiful water

Motorhome park in beautiful wooded area
Our nice site at Thousand Trails La Conner RV and Camping Resort

Our trip from La Conner 
  • A. Coupeville Ferry Terminal
  • B. Port Townsend 
  • C. Port Angeles 
  • D. Hurricane Ridge Olympic National Park 
  • E. Lake Crescent Olympic National Park 
  • F. Marymere Falls 
  • G. Madison Falls Trailhead Elwha River

Going in to ride The Kennewick Ferry
Kennewick Ferry
Our drive in and our ride to the other side




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