Road Trip to Mt. Baker

Our road trip to Mount Baker in the morning of June 9th was Amazing. Even though we didn't get to see the mighty Mt. Baker due to the ice and snow still on the road, it was still a great trip up there. The weather was a bit chilly, cloudy, and rainy, but a nice day drive overall. The road is kind of narrow and it get twisty the further up we go. It was a beautiful scenic drive.

Getting There

The drive to Mt. Baker - Heather Meadows Base Ski Area was about 58 mile one way. Our Trip started from downtown Bellingham then to Sunset Dr, and then to WA-542 all the way but we stopped at Nooksack Falls on our way up there. We also passed several small communities but only stopped just to get gas. 

Mt. Baker is 10,781 ft. elevation can be seen all the way to Victoria, B.C., Vancouver, B.C., and all the down south to Tacoma on a nice clear day. It is an active glacier-covered andesitic stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc and the North Cascades of Washington in the United States (according to Wikipedia)

ice milting creating beautiful waterfalls on the side of the road
Snow melting and creates this cool little Waterfalls
There are few of this waterfalls on our trip up to Mount Baker.
 I love the rock formations, they are amazing!

short information history sign of Mt. Baker
The gleaming crest of Mount Baker, impressive northern buttress of the cascade range, rises skyward to the lofty elevation of 10,750 feet its Indian name "KULSHAN" means steep. Lieutenant Joseph Baker, Vancouver's Valiant Officer, sighted the snowy eminence from far out toward the sea on April 30, 1792 and the captain of the expedition named it in his honor.

Amazing view of Nooksack falls and the river below
Amazing Nooksack Falls

Road signage informing that some of the roads are still closed at Mt. Baker
The sign says:


Still a lot of snow on the side of the road to Mt. Baker in June
Still have a lot of snow on the side of the road in June

Beautiful view of Mt. Shuksan
Mt. Shuksan

Mount Shuksan is a glaciated massif in the North Cascades National Park. Shuksan rises in Whatcom County, Washington immediately to the east of Mount Baker, and 11.6 miles south of the Canada–US border. The mountain's name Shuksan is derived from the Lummi word [šéqsən], said to mean "high peak"
Source: Wikipedia

even on cloudy day, Mt. Shuksan view still amazing
The clouds were rolling in but it did give us enough time to see Mount Shuksan

View of heather Meadows Base area
CLOSED today
No services are available and 
facilities are NOT maintained for public use

The Mountaineers Baker Lodge

View of the lodge at Mt. Baker and the beautiful view of Mt. Shuksan
Mt. Baker Ski Area - Heather Meadows Base Area
with the nice view of Mt. Shuksan 

Blue sky but the clouds slowly covering the Mt. Shuksan
Blue Sky and amazing mountain range behind those clouds

A cute stone cabin at Mt. Baker
A cute cabin made of rocks

View of the ski lift, the lodge, and the Mt. Shuksan
Ski Lift

The lake, the clouds, and the Mt. Shuksan
A glimpse of Mt. Shuksan
Still is an amazing view even with the clouds covering it. 

Raven's guarding the Mt. Baker
Mt. Baker Ski Area
White Salmon - Closed


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