Oct 29, 2008

Market Day in Surallah

:( miss being there, fresh fruits and vegetables are so cheap. 

Just because

For the past couple weeks, I have received these gifts from people who care and thought about me. Necklace - Susan from Chinook school came to see me and saw me wearing a bracelet like this pattern and it was from Susan Gainey. After few days she sent me this beautiful necklace. Crystal Geode - when my husband was in Anchorage for a seminar, he bought me this and sent it to me through UPS before he went back to Prudhoe Bay . Vanilla Chai Latte - my good friend Brenda bought me this just this morning. Red Carnation - from Sunshine Club for my Birthday that was last month. 3 bags of chocolates and a card from Susan Bassette for helping her collect State coins. I couldn't find any Hawaiian coin though.
Pumpkin Prayer - Norma thought of me when she saw this pumpkin prayer on internet. She went out and made a card and bought a cute pumpkin and gave it to me early Monday morning. What a good way to start a week.
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Oct 27, 2008

Sweet little voice

I took this picture from my neighbors yard just this evening after work. 
Yesterday, my friend Marissa and I went to our friend's house to fix her internet problem. She needed the internet to pay her bills and to communicate with her husband in Iraq. Thank God, I got it fixed. My friend has a 17 months little girl. Few weeks ago when they were at my house, she calls me mommy, at first I was thought hmm maybe its just because she doesn't know me or my name yet. But yesterday when I was at their house, she still calls me mommy. Nobody thought her that, in fact my friend says that her daughter never calls anyone mommy except to her. I felt good inside, I just can't explain the feelings I felt. What really touched me was when we were ready to leave, she said to me with her little sweet voice "take care mommy".
Yesterday Morning, My friends got up early to do their laundry but when they got to the laundry mat, it was still closed so they went drive around. A friend called them and asked how are they and what they were doing and the conversation went:
they said "we are driving around looking for houses"
friend asked " looking for house for sale? why are you guys buying a house?"
they said "no"
friend asked "house for rent? are you guys moving out?"
they said "no"
friend asked again "so what houses are you looking for?"
they said "free one"

Oct 24, 2008

Just because of my Printer

This is John, trying to figure out my network printer but he didn't get it fix yet. 
another John came in to see what's wrong. Oh what a John day! 
It was all because of my printer why I had to take a late lunch today.  I didn't get my deposit ready and I don't want money laying around my counter while I'm out.  When I got back to work, my dear Brenda was doing my Job, she was so nice... sometimes :)
See what I mean? She wrote this awhile ago, I found it while I was going through my stuff..
Got to love her though because she is Brenda.
I'm speechless, I don't know what to say on this one. any suggestions?

Oct 23, 2008


Taken on my way home from the hospital. 
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Baby Frank

After work, I went visit my friend at the hospital and congratulate her for giving birth to a 7 lbs. healthy baby boy, Frank Donnellan. 
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Oct 22, 2008

Big sister

That's Hanz helping her little sister take a bathed and she was only 7 years old. The black pot is what they used to boil the water to add in the cool bath-water.   
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This picture was taken last Thursday 10/16/08 about 6:30 pm. I just got done bowling with the School District League and this was at the parking lot of the Arctic Bowl. 
taken on my way home
I was trying to capture the moon and the sunset together but it was too hard.
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Marissa's Birthday

Britney, the future songbird. Click here to see more pictures

Oct 21, 2008

Successful Party

Sorry guys, I haven't post any for couple days. I wasn't feeling well since Saturday after the International Friendship Day. But even though I wasn't feeling well, I still have managed to host a party, Sunday night, at my house for my friend's birthday. It was a successful party, few friends came over, there was lots of food and everyone seemed to enjoy the party. 
Every party I had here was always a successful one. The reason is that:
1. My house is small - open kitchen and living room- no one is out of place.
2. Separate entertainment  room - for kids to play video games or watch movie
3. Karaoke Machine - in living room for adults to sing
4. Lots of food - I don't cook but food are always more than enough 
5. No alcohol -  Just natural fun.
The only problem we always have is lack of parking space and I can't really do anything about that. 
Tip after the party: Don't use any of your towel's in the bathroom, because when people can't find paper-towel  to wipe their hands they'll wipe it on your towel...yucks! 
That smoke was from the hospital, covering the clear sunny sky and the jet plane  passing through going somewhere. 
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Oct 18, 2008

International Friendship Day Photos

click here to see the rest of the pictures 
I didn't do well taken these pictures. I took so many but most of them are blurry or too far. So, this is the best that I can do.

International Friendship Day

The International Friendship day was held today at the Pioneer Park. I took so many pictures that it would take me some time to edit them and delete the once that I don't want. I will post them here as soon as I get them done. It was nice to see people from all over the world. 
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Oct 17, 2008

Imaging Center

I went to Fairbanks Imaging Center today for echo cardiogram. It's amazing how the technology evolve. I saw my heart beating at the computer screen, it's awesome, yehey! I have a heart.
This was my first time in that building. That building is gorgeous, it's a piece of art and the arts inside is... just awesome. Another thing is, the restroom door has a push button to lock the door automatically.. learn something new everyday.
This is a marble stairs going to the second floor and that art was made by Larry Mostella, it's called "Autumn Birch"
This was on the second floor hallway. The art was made by Judy Warwick, it's called "A Common Thread". if you look at it good, you will notice that there is something  connecting them.
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Oct 16, 2008

National Boss Day

It was a nice day, we had a lot of food for breakfast and our bosses are happy. Well, in our suite there are several bosses. The purchasing , accounts payable, transportation, nutrition services, payroll, accounting, business, and our big boss Mike Fisher. I am truly happy with the people I work with. They've always been there for me since I start working with them, through ups and downs, they have never let me down. Even though I've been called trouble maker, I know they love me, I'm the kid in town and "I'm a good girl I am".
People at work often called me: little one, little bit, kid-do, kid, girly, girl, hon, love, sweety, sweetheart, smiley, sunshine, dear and of course the famous one that Brenda named me "trouble maker'' but I told her, I just got contaminated by her...:) From left, that's Brenda, Me, and Nichole (our boss) Brenda was running around, getting the breakfast ready and of course me and my camera are always around too to take pictures like this. She made monkey bread from scratch and it was awesome.
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