National Boss Day

It was a nice day, we had a lot of food for breakfast and our bosses are happy. Well, in our suite there are several bosses. The purchasing , accounts payable, transportation, nutrition services, payroll, accounting, business, and our big boss Mike Fisher. I am truly happy with the people I work with. They've always been there for me since I start working with them, through ups and downs, they have never let me down. Even though I've been called trouble maker, I know they love me, I'm the kid in town and "I'm a good girl I am".
People at work often called me: little one, little bit, kid-do, kid, girly, girl, hon, love, sweety, sweetheart, smiley, sunshine, dear and of course the famous one that Brenda named me "trouble maker'' but I told her, I just got contaminated by her...:) From left, that's Brenda, Me, and Nichole (our boss) Brenda was running around, getting the breakfast ready and of course me and my camera are always around too to take pictures like this. She made monkey bread from scratch and it was awesome.
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