Just because

For the past couple weeks, I have received these gifts from people who care and thought about me. Necklace - Susan from Chinook school came to see me and saw me wearing a bracelet like this pattern and it was from Susan Gainey. After few days she sent me this beautiful necklace. Crystal Geode - when my husband was in Anchorage for a seminar, he bought me this and sent it to me through UPS before he went back to Prudhoe Bay . Vanilla Chai Latte - my good friend Brenda bought me this just this morning. Red Carnation - from Sunshine Club for my Birthday that was last month. 3 bags of chocolates and a card from Susan Bassette for helping her collect State coins. I couldn't find any Hawaiian coin though.
Pumpkin Prayer - Norma thought of me when she saw this pumpkin prayer on internet. She went out and made a card and bought a cute pumpkin and gave it to me early Monday morning. What a good way to start a week.
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